Each prospective Bricks 4 Kidz family must take the following steps to complete the application process:

1.  Application

Prospective parents are requested to fill out the application form for their child.  You are welcome to drop off the form at Bricks 4 Kidz’ front desk or have it sent digitally to

2.  Parent Interview/Student Visit

All prospective parents and students are requested to meet privately with the nursery and preschool’s general manager Ms. Fatmah Bin Thani for an informal discussion of the classroom procedures, expectations, and goals.

3.  Infant & Toddler Assessment 

Bricks 4 Kidz operates like a family unit, and getting to know the child’s particular needs and personality is an essential part of the process.   The child is asked to complete a brief evaluation (coloring, identifying objects, etc) so that he or she may be placed in the appropriate class.  The interview may be conducted in Arabic or English, according to the family’s preference.

4.  Notification

Children are accepted in the nursery and preschool program anytime during the year as spaces become available.   Parents will receive a timely response after all required application documents have been submitted.


All registered children in the nursery are required to wear the uniform.  We offer the following styles for purchase:


  • White short sleeved polo.
  • White T-shirt.
  • White long sleeved polo.


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